Host Yor Kit Winners July 2014

Félicitations – Vous Ȇtes Les Champions!

Bonjour mes amis. Avez vous gagner un kit de sport? Ok, let’s stop right there – my French is probably as irritating to you as the USA’s impression of the France kit was to its fans during the World Cup! Despite it being Bastille Day the other day, I’m definitely no Arsène Wenger so on we go in English.

So to the big question, have you stormed your way to victory in our July Host Your Kit competition? Here are the teams who impressed our judges with their entries and who will be taking delivery of brand new sports kits over the summer.

The football teams who’ve won themselves a brand new adidas strip are: Adlington Hawks Boys U11s from Chorley – the wife of one of the coaches wrote in to tell us what a ‘fantastic bunch of kids’ and how hard they work; Albrighton Junior Girls U12s from Shropshire who, despite their kit clashing with several other teams’ still saw clearly enough to win their league; Burntwood Dragons Greens FC U15s from Burntwood in Staffordshire, who also have a clash of kits and can’t raise money for a new one; Harrow Hill Girls from Gloucestershire who have got an U16s team together for the first time and need a decent kit to boost their confidence;  Morton Girls U11s from Greenock whose club have grown their player base from 10 to 61 in just six months; Newport United Girls U14s whose coach says they deserve a confidence boost after wearing hand-me-down kit for the past two seasons ; and Silverdale Lions Boys U11s, from Walsall, who have held a number of events to try to raise money for a new kit but still haven’t reached their target – we’re glad to help you out guys!

And we have other sports kit to give out too….

Our basketball winners this month are Copley Boys U10s from Stalybridge. Copley basketball club is due to re-launch itself to its local community this autumn and is desperately in need of new kits. A fabulous Spalding kit is now on its way from HYK!

And our rugby winners, who will receive a brand new Gilbert strip, are Hunslet Parkside Boys U12s from Leeds.  The team’s coach says the club has been teaching children from the local area to play rugby for over 35 years and winning a new kit would be ‘amazing for the kids and the parents.’

Congratulations to one and all. Don’t forget to keep those entries coming in as we give away brand new sports kits every month. Bonne Chance!

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