HYK Survey on Women’s Football Highlights Need for More Financial Support

As part of our Host Your Kit campaign to celebrate the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup we asked you to help us by completing our survey about the state of the women’s game.

The World Cup has definitely fanned the flames of debate about what should be done to encourage more girls to play football so we were keen to know what you thought as the coaches, parents and players involved in the women’s game.

Thanks to the 89 of you (44 women and 45 men who are mostly coaches and parents) who filled out the survey. You have given us some great insight.

The most interesting feedback you gave us was around the financial support and coverage afforded to the women’s game. 92% of you agreed that more funding was needed from the governing bodies of the game with a further 87% agreeing that professional clubs should be forced to supply more funding to develop the sport for girls. These results echo the current debate that has stirred following the settlement of the largest ever TV rights deal for the Premier League about more funding needing to be shared out at grassroots level in general. Our results clearly show that this debate must incorporate grassroots development of the women’s game even more so.

As part of the survey we asked you to offer up your own ideas on how to encourage more young women to take up football. Among the suggestions you made were: creating a Match of the Day style programme to showcase the women’s game or alternatively, including highlights of the FA Women’s Premier League within MoTD2.

The idea of a separate association for the women’s game, a Women’s FA, was also put forward. This, you believe, would certainly give it a louder voice and provide a single platform to fight for the game in what is still an overwhelmingly male-dominated environment at the governance level. This was backed up by 67% of you agreeing that the existing football authorities do not provide enough promotion or support for the women’s game. However two thirds of you still said you believe there will come a day when we see a female manager in the men’s Premier League.

One of the things we’ve done through our Host Your Kit campaigns is to help reduce the financial burden on youth football teams by helping to fund the costs of the kit. The need for bigger sponsorship deals was another point made by many of you completing our survey. You feel that sponsorship by some of the brands that support the men’s game wouldn’t go amiss and would help ease the cash flow problems faced by many girls youth leagues. Sponsorship would in turn, you feel, increase pressure for more coverage and more coverage would then lead to more sponsorship.

Among all the ideas and positive input you gave us by filling out our survey there was one alarming statistic but perhaps sadly, not a surprising one. This was that 94% of you felt that women’s football is treated as inferior to the men’s game. We have just seen the huge achievements made by England’s Lionesses at this year’s World Cup and hope it will have a lasting positive impact on football here in the UK on their return. Hopefully we will see a broader respect for the women’s game and also more opportunities for young women to join a club and enjoy playing.
Thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the Host Your Kit survey.

Click here to read the full survey and results.

Enjoy the rest of the World Cup and if you haven’t already entered our competition to win a FREE Nike kit for your team you’ve got until the final kicks off at midnight on Sunday to get your entry in!

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