Lochgoilhead Nuggets are a Gold Star Team

Check out this cute photo of a great little basketball team called the Lochgoilhead Nuggets who are based up in the Highlands of Scotland. We were delighted to be able to help them out with a new kit and equipment during last year’s Host Your Kit campaign.

Jayne, the lovely lady in their small coastal community who inspires the local children to get involved in sport, heard that we’d launched a new campaign for 2014 and got in touch. We wanted to share her kind words to show you the amazing things that volunteers like Jayne can do to inspire young people in sport and to share the benefits she thinks being a recipient of Host Your Kit can bring.

A huge thanks to Jayne for keeping in touch and we wish the Lochgoilhead Nuggets basketball team all the success in the world.

Here’s her email – I’m off to get the tissues!

 ”I noted that you had started up the Host Your Kit campaign again and just wanted to take the opportunity to update you on how much your support has helped our club.

The children in our sports club had never played basketball before we contacted you to ask for help.  The support from iomart was fantastic and the balls and hoop you provided were a start to us being able to provide twice weekly practice sessions. 

The introduction to basketballscotland was great and got us signed up to take part in the West Regional Development League Under 12s.  Our little team of children aged 8-11 have played in several matches over five dates in Paisley at the Lagoon Centre.  The progress they have made since August is incredible.  They are so happy to play, and really don’t mind not winning, but they are thrilled when they do score a basket.

The kit you provided is fabulous and makes them look so smart, and I’m sure has given them a boost to their confidence to be able to take part in a new sport and look the part.

So, thank you from us, and well done on continuing to support many more teams.”

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