Welcome to Host Your Kit!

Welcome to Host Your Kit, the iomart Hosting backed competition giving local youth football teams the chance to win a brand new adidas team strip.

So why Host Your Kit and why iomart Hosting?

It’s really quite simple.

iomart Hosting has built up an enviable reputation for managing organisation’s web facing systems in the UK. This basically means that we maintain and support the equipment that is needed for company web sites, online ordering systems, software applications, email systems and the large databases of information required to run them.

In our IT jargon dominated world, the physical servers that these systems run on is often referred to as ‘kit’. Hence we often find ourselves in discussions with clients where the subject of ‘hosting your kit’ crops up.

It can’t have escaped your attention that 2012 is being ‘trademarked’ as the Year of Sport™ with the London Olympics, Euro Football Championships, Ryder Cup and a whole host of major sporting events set to dominate the headlines for many months.

It seemed logical, given this back drop, to create a campaign that would capture this sporting spirit.

We didn’t have to think too hard.

Many of our employees and customers have either sons, daughters, nephews and nieces playing for, or are actually involved themselves in the running of local youth football teams.

A constant groan that we often hear during coffee breaks, is not that the back four don’t push up as a unit, or that the keeper isn’t commanding the area or coming for crosses, it’s that the team is struggling to find a kit for the next season.

Aha! we thought (in typical Alan Partridge fashion). Given that we ‘host kit’ and that there appears to be a demand for team strips, we put two and two together and came up with ‘Host Your Kit’.

We really hope that as many teams as possible across Britain apply. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible – a simple written or video entry – rather than asking people to collect coupon after coupon, and we’re giving every team three separate opportunities to enter during the competition. 

So please register your interest, submit an entry and Good Luck!

The HYK Gaffer

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